Word of the Year ~ 2017


I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I kept coming back to “rest”. I liked it, it sounded easy (but it’s really not), and I mastered the getanapineverysingledayofChristmasbreak thing this year.  So.  Natural choice – right?

But over a conversation with a new friend, I just can’t get another word out of my heart.  It keeps rolling around and popping up in all kind of ways – and well it’s kinda the exact opposite of what I thought my word might be.


It’s kinda overwhelming to type it.  I imagine this fierce person who is bold & courageous – outfitted with this incredible heavy duty & shiny armor…and well it’s intimidating to think that I’m supposed to be that person.  That we are each as sons and daughters are called to be that person.

But what I’m loving about it is that I really think the Lord is beginning to show me how interconnected warrior is with rest.  The Word says that our mind is stilled when solely focused on Him.  Rest comes through time with the Lord.  He even says that if we would only be still – that He will fight for us.  But there’s also the time that we are called to be in action.  It’s through rest and in preparation for that time (of action) that we are able to adequately cover ourselves with the Armor He has made available to us.

Getting dressed in armor is not a simple or quick process.  You can’t throw open the closet door and just grab it off the hanger.  It takes being intentional.  It takes time with the Lord…quality time.  It takes spending time on your knees instead of running everywhere under the sun. #preachingtomyself

The warfare around us is undeniable.  It surrounds us.  Angels & demons are fighting…and we would be believing lies if we turned a blind eye to it.  And it would also be incredibly unwise to immerse ourselves in this war without being dressed for battle.

So…this year, my prayer is to dress better…to daily put on the armor my God has sacrificed His own Son for…to know His Truth so that I may gird every choice & action in it & to hide His words in my heart so that I may use it to destroy the lies that the enemy will surely whisper and shout on any given day.

I am praying for rest – yes…but rest that is spent in Him – asking that even as I sleep He is renewing my mind and transforming my thoughts in preparation to be a warrior for Him.  This year, I desire to have the wisdom to know when to fight and when to be still & daily ready for both.For His Glory,

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