Where I Belong

as i start to type, i wonder how many blogs will be focused along this theme.  belonging.  my place.  home.  fitting in.  and i start to laugh a little because He reminds me yet again that this is NOT my home.

why can’t i get that in my head? in my heart?

my soul…it seems to grasp it…i think that’s why i feel that longing.  that desire.  that urgency that something isn’t quite right where i am.

so here i am.  once again.  the ever present reminder that the Lord did not create us to be eternally on earth.  praise Him for that.IMG_3266

i can remember the first time i heard this song.  it was gorgeous and crushing all at the same time.  i had no idea where it was going and then when the worship leaders started singing the bridge…i had to stop.  completely stop.  yes.  yes.  yes.

i finally found where i belong, yes, i finally found where i belong…in Your presence. 

oh Lord – how?  how have i missed this simple yet gravity altering truth?  i belong in Your presence.  only there.  no where else.  if i’m there, completely there…then where i call home on this earth is of little to no importance whatsoever.

overseas, in the states, in a town we know, in a new city, in a place where we’re fluent in the language, or somewhere that we don’t yet know how to even say hello…that’s the easy part.  even though it can seem like it’s not…it is.

the hard part is what sounds the easiest – just being in His presence.  that is the spiritual discipline to practice…being where i belong.  and when i’m there – knowing it’s exactly right. 

the other part?  the town, the state, the country, the job, the hospitals, the appointments, the preschools, the church…all of that?  that’s just obedience.  the answers don’t lie in all of those places…they lie in His presence.

and that is exactly where i belong.

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