when the Truth doesn’t seem to be the right answer

it’s Good Friday.

hopefully we’ve all been journeying along in some form or fashion with all that this week has held in remembering Christ and His time on Earth.  last night, we remembered the Lord’s Supper, and the prayer time in the Garden.  the sacred time that Christ Himself asked His Dad if there was another way…the precious moments when He knew what was coming and chose to use time to pray for us.  to pray for you.  to pray for me. (John 17) and then today – the grueling path to Calvary, the Crucifixion, the Burial…

by His grace, i have known these stories since i was a child…but there are so, so, SO many who didn’t.  when sharing about Christ, we tell this story with a glorious reverence because we know that Sunday is coming – we know that He is no longer dead.

but what about those who don’t?  what about the ones who are very much living in the center of the grueling path of life, of death, of wickedness?

what about the child that grows up to believe that God doesn’t answer prayers because he prayed for the abuse to stop – for a phone to ring, so he could escape – but God seemingly never answered him?  So now that child is an adult who confidently believes God doesn’t listen?

what about the family that has grown up in a culture so anti-God that you must start at Genesis b/c there is no foundation to explain Who Christ is without starting in the beginning?

what about the 1000s and 1000s of children & teenagers who are trapped against their will in slavery around the world?

what about the couple who longed to be parents and after finally becoming parents – visit an entirely too small gravestone every day before work?

what do you do?  how does the Truth work in their lives?  i know the Answer, but honestly, i struggle with what i would say – a gal who has never known a life without the knowledge of Who He is…and certainly not after everything they have been through.  it’s completely and totally heartbreaking to me.  how can you go through things like that without Hope? without knowing that He has the Victory no matter the situation?  what do you say?

that’s where i am today.  i’m broken.  i’m crying the ugly cry.  because here’s the thing.  He died for each of us.  everysingleone.  and it’s just not right for there to be children, teenagers, adults, who don’t know that His love is available to them.

i don’t know, i have no idea how those types of walls start to break down so that they can see they have a Father who loves them, a Savior who will rescue them, a Warrior who will fight for them, a Daddy who will listen & answer them

i don’t know…but i do know they do.

praying today for all of those whose lives are filled with the types of things we are remembering today – weight of sin, depravity, death, slavery – praying that my not knowing will not result in not telling.

amidst the tears i am confident that the Truth is always the right answer  – and confident that He will use each of His children’s stories for His Glory.

oh what a glorious & overwhelming thing to think that He has placed us in the paths of souls who need Him…what if they learned that Sunday is coming and what if they got to hear all of the Hosannas & Hallelujahs that can ring out even such a short time after a grueling death?


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