the unknown god {Day 10: Unknown}

and under the statue it was inscribed “to the unknown god”

this Scripture has always stuck out in my mind.  i get it.  i understand the thought process – the worshippers?  they wanted to make sure they had their bases covered.  they would sacrifice and worship every god they knew…and they even prayed to the unknown one – you know just in case the other 1,2, or 10 they were sacrificing to didn’t work out.

it’s heartbreaking.  gut wrenching even.  but how broken am i truly over this?  it’s not like it’s something that solely occurred in Biblical times.  all i have to do is walk out my front door.  i have neighbors who are worshiping an unknown god.  they might not have a statue made with an inscription (although that is indeed a reality as well) but they are trying to “cover their bases” with a god that is unknown.

have i told them?  have i introduced them to the One True God whose mission is to be glorified – to be known intimately by everyone He created?  I know Him.  I serve a God whom I know.  Whom knows me and loves me.

there are indeed so many introductions to be made.

This is Day 11 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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