To the Mom Who Feels All Alone

mom-allaloneHey there.

Yes, you, the one who never planned on being a mom…the one who thought it would never happen to her…the one that now has to be mom and dad…I can’t imagine how alone you feel.  I hear you when you say you’re “fine” but I can see in your eyes that honestly you’re scared to death.  Those late nights that turn into early mornings of caring for a baby when you still feel like a child yourself…you are not alone.

To the mom who has a huge support system, a fantastic husband who happens to also be an incredibly loving father, and all of your dreams are coming true…I see you.  I see the frustration with yourself over the aggravation of hearing “momma” just one too many times today.  Isn’t this what you always wanted?  How can you love a tiny person so very much and totally lose your patience with them all in the same hour?  I get it.  The endless laundry, cutting up food, cleaning up spills, and counting down the minutes (hours) till bedtime…you are not alone.

What about you? The mom who isn’t a mother yet?  The visits to the fertility doctor were never a part of your plan, and you think surely you must just be doing something wrong…how can you be created to do something and then it just not happen?  My heart aches for you, the loneliness has to be tangible.  Surrounded by negative tests, thermometers, and books on “the perfect time”…you are not alone.

Hi.  Yep, you too…what started out as a dream come true, has suddenly shattered all around you.  Your husband walked out, divorce papers are in the mail, a life that you never thought could happen to you is what you’re living in…not many know the struggles that went on inside of your home.  Isolated, overwhelmed, and yet, you remain quiet out of fear that the tears might start and never stop…you are not alone.IMG_2120And sweet friend, you.  You who long to be a mom and a wife and there’s not a husband in sight…how long must you wait?  How can you feel a call so strongly to be married and to be a mother but yet, not have started that season of life?  The nights, the dinners, the wedding parties, the daydreams, the days that it just all seems too far away…you are not alone.

No, you are not forgotten either sister.  The one who is waiting on the phone call.  The call that will tell you that you have been matched to a child who needs a forever home.  Whether this child will be the first to call you “momma” or he will be the 3rd…the feelings are the same.  The hours spent doing paperwork, home visits, and fundraising…hurrying up to just wait…and wait some more…you are not alone.IMG_2042You are not alone.  You are His beloved.  You are His daughter.

He rejoices over you with singing, He delights in You, He will carry every burden.

His yoke is light and His plans are perfect.

He is Sovereign.

Sovereign over every doctor visit, each pregnancy test, the paperwork, the broken arms, every chance encounter…He is sovereign over all of it.

He will never leave us or forsake us.  (Hebrews 13:5)

You are not forgotten.  You are not alone.  The tears that come when you’re by yourself, the shame, the guilt, the desire to run away from it all…He is whispering over you “there is no condemnation in Me”

none. no shame.

He loves you.  He desires to have an incredibly intimate relationship with you – just the way you are – in the middle of the mess – in the center of everything that seems to be falling apart.

You, my sister, are not alone.


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