The Scroll {Day 28:Eat}

Had the privilege of attending the Propel Women’s Conference last week.  Gracious.  It was extraordinary.  Why you may ask?  Because His Spirit met us there.

The Spirit was so tangible in that place…it was incredible.

During the day, Beth Redman spoke…as in Matt Redman’s wife.  God’s story through her life was jaw dropping.  The power of which she spoke through such painful memories gives credit only to the One who could have brought her through it and allowed all of it to be redeemed – and used for His glory.

And the thing she just kept saying over and over – one of the answers to how she has overcome the seemingly un-overcomeable?!?

She said that she “ate the scroll” – ate it.  consumed it.  could not get enough of it.  memorized it.  read it.  studied it.  mediated on it.  ate it.

Then she challenged us to do the same thing… to eat the scroll.  And those words stuck – probably because it’s not everyday someone tells you to eat a book :)  But all the parallels are there – He is the Bread of Life and Isaiah tells us that His words are as sweet as honey.

What if I craved His word as much as I can a hot roll with butter or my favorite Sonic drink or even the way I craved bananas & peanut butter when I was expecting?  Perhaps funny at first to think about in such a way…it’s turned more convicting than humorous as of late.

The Lord uses the ordinary doesn’t He?  The broken, the hurt, the lied to, the ashamed of, the riddled with guilt…the hungry.  And His blood covers it all – redeems it all – makes each of us holy in His sight.  Then we can be daily transformed by consuming His perfect and inerrant word to be more like the One we follow.

This is Day 28 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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