the gift of chocolate milk

In 2011, our family went though quite a bit of changes – we became parents, moved overseas, and started living in a 3rd world country after being very much immersed in 1st world environment for 25+ years.

It was during those first few months overseas that I encountered one thing that I wasn’t sure how to wrap my head around…it wasn’t the pousse pousses everywhere, hearing no English spoken, having our baby stared at everywhere we went, or even the 100s of geckos that lived in our home…it was the milk.  i’mnotevenkidding.

mada9In our little grocery store, the milk came in boxes that sit on a shelf…in the HEAT.  Eventually, we purchased some and I soon found out that I was not a fan.  I had always taken after my dad in being a pretty big milk drinker but that was all about to change. I started wondering what in the world I was going to do when Ryles stopped nursing and needed another milk source.

Well shocker of shockers she didn’t mind – she switched straight to this odd tasting boxed milk without a second thought…however this 1st time momma was simply not so sure.  One week, we noticed Nesquik on the shelves of our store – seriously.  I have no idea if it was legit Nesquik but we purchased some and it became a staple at our house for the next 3 years (go ahead and judge).  I’m not sure that Ryleigh even knew you could drink the milk out of the box without putting some of the chocolate powder in it.

I know, I know, I have some of you cringing out there at all of the additives, extra calories, artificial flavoring, and so on and so forth – but guys, she’s still alive and healthy and she probably ate much worse while we were there.  So it is what it is.Oct 15 (21)

After 3 years in Mada and a whole lot of time with my friend, Ann (confession: so she has no idea who I am but I feel like we should be best buds).  One of the huge things I’ve walked away with is that everything is a giftEvery gift is grace. If everything in my life is viewed through eyes of gratitude then it’s nearly impossible to lose focus on the Grace Giver.  The Perfect Gift Giver.


So, even before 1000 gifts, I knew that I wanted Grace & Chocolate Milk to be the title of my book one day (writing one has always been on my “life to do list” but have no idea if it’s in His plan!).  So, for now it’s holding it’s place as the title of my blog…and maybe one day the Lord will open up the door for something else.

I saw, by His grace, those yellow tubs of Nesquik as gifts – and that’s exactly what they were.  My prayer is that we will each live in the overflow of both – Grace & Chocolate Milk (or whatever gift He gives to you today).

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2 Responses to the gift of chocolate milk

  1. Marianne says:

    Love it! Chocolate milk is a staple at our house too. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth has never had just plain white milk in a glass!

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the post. As a side note, my kids think that milk that doesn’t come in a box tastes funny.

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