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ellipsisanyone remember when you had a limit on the number of texts you could send in a month?  how about when unlimited texting became a thing?  who would have ever imagined how much we would communicate without ever talking?

and then they came out with the ellipsis in texting.  you know what i mean?  those 3 blinking dots that let you know that the person on the other end is texting you back.  anyone ever get impatient with the other person?  ha.  I mean, if I don’t see the dots – you can take 3 days to text me back…but if those dots pop up, then suddenly I’m ready to know what you are about to say.

as I was staring at these blinking 3 dots recently, the Lord began to speak to my heart.  How long do I sit and wait for Him to speak?  I’ve been reading Fervent and asking for the Lord’s leadership in a specific prayer strategy over numerous areas of my life.  It’s been such an incredibly humbling journey and so so SO good for my soul.  I am far from what someone might consider a prayer warrior but He has been teaching me much about prayer, the power that we have in coming to His throne room, and the importance of being intentional about scripture being a major part of these prayers.

However, I confess, that there are times when I sit and wait staring at my phone screen until the 3 dots disappear and words appear.  I wait to formulate my response or delay making a decision until I hear from whom I am corresponding with.  Sometimes it’s a few seconds, and other times it could be minutes or hours.

I’m not so sure that I am that faithful with waiting on Him.  There are times that I am guilty of praying to Him and instead of saying Amen meaning “let it be done”, I use it as “I am done.”  That’s all I wanted to say Lord, I’ll get back with you later.  I forget that it’s an ongoing conversation.  That sometimes there are situations where I do need to wait and see how He responds.  To take the time to pause and let His Spirit speak to me through His words, through a worship song, through whatever means He chooses.

I need to remember that even when I can’t see the ellipses, He’s there wanting to speak to me…but I do have to stop long enough to listen.

For His Glory,

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