She Reads Truth – A Book Review


Once upon a time, I lived overseas and stumbled upon an app called She Reads Truth (SRT).  It was such a wonderful thing to have on my phone and I loved the graphics of verses and the depth of Bible study these gals – Amanda & Raechel – shared daily.  I basically started thinking they were friends of mine.

Then, I was able to go to a blogging conference in South Carolina and I actually met them…


and I realized that they were just as genuinely beautiful & full of the Spirit in person as they were on the app.

Fast forward 2 years and SRT has become an app used internationally and these 2 gals who started it all have a Bible study and a published book!  WOW!  God moves in unfathomable ways doesn’t He?!?!  He is so good!

I was pretty excited to be able to recieve their She Reads Truth book and I was not disappointed.  It’s a beautiful testimony of two girls who have different stories but know their stories are more about His story than anything else.

It’s in the pages of this book that I began to read bits and pieces of my own story.  It’s amazing how connected each of us are no matter our backgrounds.  The struggle of humanity…of sin…is real – for each of us.  And glory to Him we know the Hero…the Victor.  Inside this book you are pointed to the Book.  Every chapter ends with not just their personal thoughts on God’s words but God’s words themselves.  Passages written out because the main thing is always going to be His words.  His story.  The fact that He chooses to use our stories to point others to Him…well that’s just a bonus.  That’s just grace.  And if that’s something you didn’t know or if you have forgotten it as of late- then you’ll love seeing how the intricate details of two girls who have different stories work together for the master plan He had from the beginning…and smiling because you know that the story isn’t over yet.

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