remembering last year

remembering is important.  when i think about remembering, i think about our family trip to the Grand Canyon and my mom asking us to pick out rocks while we were there.  of course she wanted us to remember the trip but she wanted us to remember that time – the time of being in awe of who our God was as a Creator.  she challenged us on that trip to have rocks, stones, memory items, in our lives to remember certain things the Lord was teaching us.  An Ebenezer if you will to look back on – to use to tell others about those times in our lives when God moved, intervened, rocked our world, changed us forever.

i guess i like to think of my blog like that in a way.  sometimes, i go back and i read posts from when we were in training in April, or those monthly recaps of Ryleigh growing up – it helps me to stop and give thanks for what He has done and to remember things He has already taught me but i’ve failed to implement in my daily life.

tomorrow is the day a year ago, that i shared with the world (or the 200 or so readers of this blog) that i was struggling with depression.  reading that blog, brought tears to my eyes.  i do remember all too well what that was like – but i also have seen the Lord do some huge things since then.  what a journey this year has been!

so – since a lot has changed, and some of you are newer to the blog, i wanted to share that part of His story in my life again.  i needed to remind myself that honesty & transparency are beautiful things that we unfortunately don’t see enough of in this world.  i needed to remember that talking about my weaknesses can only exalt His strength & perfection even more.

Join me in remembering tomorrow? Share with me what the Lord has been doing in & through you this past year?  Tell me about His strength is evident in your life?  I’d love to hear all about it!!  HUGS!

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