Ready to Move {Day 15: Move}

the word move was never frightening to me

move meant excitement, exhilaration, an adventure ready and waiting

I can’t remember a day when I wasn’t ready to move – to Africa mostly – but I was always up for anywhere

it wasn’t that I didn’t love home – I did and my family – I didn’t want to run away or move from them – as much as I was eagerly anticipating what I was moving towards.

There were so many times in Mada where I wanted my family and closest friends to just move where I was. I didn’t miss “home” as a location as much as I missed some of the people that had made a place “home” for so long.

I never entertained the idea that there could be a day when “move” was not what He was calling me to do.

For a season, He did…in the terms that I had always dreamed of…

but in this season He’s also calling me to stay. Not stay still but not quite “around-the-world” moving.

He asks me to move to the neighborhood where He prepared a place for us. He asks me to move to a job that I love dearly and teach children academics & about His love. He asks me to move to prayer walk up and down our streets. He asks me to move. To stay in a town that looks different from where I thought we’d be…yet, still to move. to be His hands & feet – to each and every one.

This is Day 15 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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