Muddled Waters {Day 8: Muddle}

it’s strange how simple it is.  I want to mess with it.  I want to add to and make it much more complicated than He says that it is.

surely i must do x,y,& z for Him to love me unconditionally.
I must be able to earn a promotion of some kind if I will stick with this whole daily quiet time thing.
perhaps He will be prouder of me if I am sure to never lose my temper, only speak the truth, and be the Proverbs 31 woman.

it’s like throwing dirt into a pristine pool of water

it swirls around and at first you can tell something is off…

but the longer it stays in there, the appearance begins to change…eventually you’re jumping in unaware that the pool is even dirty – accepting that this is simply the way it’s meant to be


muddled waters.

but sweet sister, brave brother…there is nothing we can do to earn any of it.  It’s all by His pristine sacrifice.  His blood, His life, His death, His resurrection.  The only factor we play is that it was done for us.  For you.  For me.

That long to do list that we believe must be done?  It doesn’t affect how He feels about us…it’s all for us.  Spending more time with Him – doesn’t earn me a higher rung on the ladder…but it does make me fall even more in love with Him.  Doing the good works that He has set out for me to do – doesn’t make me one of His favorites above someone else…but it does fill me with gratitude, grace, and overwhelm me with His goodness towards us.

I’ve got to stop meddling with something that is perfect.

His perfect plan.

When I meddle, I’m announcing from the roof tops that it wasn’t perfect.  That He needed my input.  My help.


muddled waters.

Wash me clean Father, in the pristine waters of Your holiness.

This is Day 8 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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