5 minutes about my momma

IMG_3533  SHE…
She was one of the first faces that I saw, one of the first names that I said…day in and day out, there as a constant…church musicals, award ceremonies, before school, after school, appointments, lessons, softball games, and more
She poured out love and grace even on the hard days
She made sure I knew that she was proud of me – no matter the outcome – her joy was contagious
She is the reminder to look out for the one who is lonely  and she lived it out in her life as she challenged me to do it in mine
She was continually praying, seeking, searching – she taught me how to dig deep – not into books or sermons or churches but into HIS word
She is truly beautiful and worth far more than rubies or diamonds…her worth comes from within and spills out to anyone who is around herIMG_3529
She taught me about mistakes and sin and that we are each guilty of it
She taught me Who to run to and how to turn from the darkness that at one point separated me from Him
She reminded me that growth was a part of walking with Him and that it desperately needed to always be happening
She spoke wisdom into my life and thankfully still does – she showed me that we never “arrive” because we are always on the path of righteousness and becoming more and more like Christ
She taught me how to be a mom, how to love, how to teach, how to guide, how to direct, how to discipline
She tells me to be different than her, to only try to exemplify Christ – to see her mistakes & missteps and do things differently
She can’t see the beauty that He pours out of her into others lives
She doesn’t know that she is changing the world because she daily allows Him to change her life
She is loved and given thanks for on a daily basis
She is my motherFor His Glory,

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child of the One True God, wife to the love of my life, mom of 2 gorgeous gals, and humbled to walk daily in His incredible grace
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  1. Lhi Lhi says:

    Eucharisteo Charis Chara
    I think these words are just so beautiful. Maybe because they are a different language and when you speak them they sound so meaningful and rich, unlike words we use every day to describe things. God brought these words to mind as I read this. I am so humbled that He would use me to be the momma to three such Charis-filled, Chara-overflowing and Eucharisteo young women! Ann Voscamp wrote – Is the height of my joy depended upon my depth of my thanksgiving?
    Thanksgiving Grace Joy

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