The Lovely in Looking for Lovely

12672167_10100754669648169_53561426230519955_oA couple of months ago, I was surprisingly selected to be on a launch team for Annie F. Downs newest book “Looking for Lovely”. I had heard Annie speak before at a conference, and I couldn’t have been more excited about getting a first look at her book.

From the very beginning, you feel like you’re sitting in a coffee shop talking with one of you very best friends.  Annie writes simply – not to gloss over how deep her words will take you in your personal pursuit of the Father – but as in, you’re in a completely relate-able conversation with a trusted friend.


When she opened up with this…
When I write books, I feel like they already exist. It’s not my job to create something new; it’s my job to find the piece of art that God has intended to be shared and put it down on paper. So I call it a gift without hesitation, not because it is a gift from me but  because it was a gift to me as well. I hope I found it as God intended it to be found.”

I knew I’d be hooked.  It’s rare that there is not hesitation on my part as I type up a blog.  I think about how there’s a minimum of 100 other people who could type/write better than I and have been through similar experiences and are much more qualified to write.  It starts to make little sense to type things up that anyone could google and find a viral post about the same topic and it be much more eloquent.  In other words, I read those sentences and I wept.  The Lord use those 3 sentences so mightily in my life.  The reminder that I do not write for others, or even for myself…but I write for Him and to be a good steward of what He has given me.

Throughout the book, Annie mixes in real life examples, hilarious situations, and heartbreaking reality to encourage you to take the time to find the lovely in your day. She closes each chapter with a challenge to actively do something to find the lovely in specific ways in your day.


This book reminded me of the truths that I gleaned and still put into practice from Ann Voscamp’s 1000 gifts.  Annie desperately wants you to dive into life and see the lovely things the Lord has given us inside of each day – even (maybe especially?!?) on the days that lovely things seems to be a contradiction.


I loved that she addressed holding onto memories that have passed.  It’s brave (and an encouragement to be brave!) that she openly talked about that although it can be hard, even painful, to look back on those “lovelies” – that they all have had a part in forming who we are today and perhaps even how we are currently looking for lovely.


I encourage you to purchase her book and read about finding the lovely.  If you live close to me, I’ll even let you borrow mine (but I’m going to want it back) and let’s all look for lovely together.For His Glory,

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  1. Yes and Amen! I am stopping by from the launch team and oh my goodness, I am finding all kinds of lovely across the internet today! When Annie talked about how she gets sad that something is (going to be) over before it ends, I was feeling all the feels. I didn’t even realize that I have those moments but I do too because I so desire to capture and collect moments! Great post! May you continue to look for and find Lovely all around you – and within you, too!

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