Love of a Neighbor {Day 18: Neighbor}

You’ve probably heard the story.  The one that seems to have such an obvious conclusion.  Jesus shares about the man who is badly beaten and left for dead on the side of the road.  All of the religious “good” people, pass him by and make sure to steer clear of him…until the one man whose cultural background should have made him leap to the other side of the road…he’s the one who stopped.  Not just stopped, but showed compassion, acted out of generosity and love…truly went above and beyond.

Then Jesus says, “so who was the neighbor?”  And you have to chuckle right?  Of course.   Of course it’s the good Samaritan.  There’s no one else it could be.

But I have to wonder if the “expert of the law” chuckled.  I’m guessing not.  Even though the answer was obvious to him as well…the neighbor was the one who showed mercy.  The command from Christ to “go and do likewise” was probably harder to swallow than we give credit.

How about us?  Are we showing mercy to all that He puts in our path?  Do we shield our eyes and switch lanes to the other side of the road when we see someone in desperate need of a neighbor who can share the love of Christ?  Asking for wisdom to indeed be the neighbor He has called me – us – to be today.

This is Day 18 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.


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