When You Just Need A Break {Day 30:Cut}

Before the 5 minutes starts – can I just say how excited I am to have made it to Day 30?!?  I can see the finish line!!  I know these posts have been a little different than what you may be used to here – but I sure have loved just unwinding with 5 minutes a day of unscripted, unedited, therapeutic typing!


There are days when I just long to hear a director somewhere in the background yell “Cut!”

To know that there’s a pause button.  A break to be had.  A time to look back over the script and see just how much I messed up the last line.  A moment to sit down, take a drink of water, and close my eyes.  Time to replay the most recent scene and figure out how I could do it better, be more involved, make my words more convincing…just all in all to be more.  to be better.


breathe deep, relax, feel my shoulders drop and sigh with relief – the scene is over and there’s time to read about what comes next.  to prepare and practice before needing to run lines in front of a camera.  an opportunity to work out the pronunciations and figure out just when to laugh or how much sadness or anger to put into a discussion to make it all look & sound just right.

This life – sometimes it gives the illusion of being a stage – that somehow without me or you preforming that it will all come crashing down.  That the God of love & compassion has a side job of being the toughest critic and analyzing every move we make and is waiting with notes about we could have done it better and the actress/actor that He should have picked to begin with…because clearly we/I am floundering hopelessly.

But.  But.  That is the illusion.  The deceit.  The trickery of the evil one.  The lies that so easily entangle.  It is indeed not about me or you – but only about Him.  There is no performance that changes how He feels about us or could make Him regret the Sacrifice that He made for us.

He. Loves. Us.
He. Loves. Me.
He. Loves. You.

The end.  Final curtain call. Take a bow for that sole Audience of One – and know that every perfectly recited line and every hilarious blooper…He can and will use it all – for His glory. Amen.

This is Day 30 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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