It’s Easy

It's Easyit’s easy to focus on the negative, to wonder about the future, to wish for the past

it’s easy to make assumptions, to pass judgement, and to roll your eyes while deciding you just don’t care

it’s easy to see your mistakes, to criticize your failures, and to fail to see the good

it’s easy. it just is.

i wish it weren’t so. i wish that was the hard part – but it’s not…it comes all too easy.

i wonder sometimes, i wonder if it’s too easy.
i mean if i’m a christian and i know i don’t have it nearly as bad as so and so…then it shouldn’t come this easy right?  the sin? the struggles?  I must be failing in some other area too or else it wouldn’t be this easy to fall into the traps, to trip, to get tangled up, to flounder.

and the demons give high fives.

too harsh? nope. i really don’t think so.

is every negative thought due to spiritual warfare? no. but i do believe it is a lot more often than we give it credit for. it’s a warzone guys and gals. and even when it’s not spiritual warfare and it’s just me retreating back to the flesh – it’s still a win for the quite literal “bad guy”.

yep, i know Who has the victory. and in the end Satan will not win – but for whatever reason he doesn’t believe it and he’s fighting. he’s not giving up and the best way for him to fight?

is to make it easy.

so what does that mean for me? for us?

we’ve got to fight harder? smarter?
nah. i’ve tried that…it’s mostly a losing battle before I even begin.

i’ve got to fight surrendered.

surrendered to the One i know holds the victory.

but surrender is hard. it goes against EVERYTHING in me. surrender somehow feels like loss. but in this one life i’ve been given – gifted…it’s the only way.

the miracles? they are all around. He’s working everywhere. His gifts? open your eyes. look. there they are. every good and perfect gift is from Him. even the ones that at first glance appear ordinary? maybe not the most beautiful gifts? they too are from Him…and just keep watching. He will use them.

and that’s not easy.  it doesn’t come naturally.  but let’s do it anyway.

let’s do the not easy. For His Glory,

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child of the One True God, wife to the love of my life, mom of 2 gorgeous gals, and humbled to walk daily in His incredible grace
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