I’ll Stay

I'll stay.


I’m pretty confident I’ve shared with you before how much I like songs…and how easy it has always been for me to sing certain phrases – basically anything with “following God” or “going where He leads”.  Those types of songs?  They are mine.  Roll the windows down, turn the music up, sing it at the top of my lungs, and passionately mean every single word.  Because obviously those songs all refer to going overseas.  And that my friends is of what I have always been adamantly sure…His calling to go.

Until, He brought us to the States.

And allowed a medical situation to occur.

And then led us to jobs here.

And then gave us peace in purchasing a house here.

And, and, and.

Hmph.  So now what?  What about those songs that still swirl around in my head, my heart, my soul?  I’m forced to take a closer look at the things I’ve been singing.  I’ve come face to face with none of those songs actually say “overseas”Odd.
These songs simply and quite obviously say that it’s about going wherever He leads.  That may very well be overseas and it might also be in the hometown where I grew up. Gasp.

A few weeks ago, the worship choir (of which I’m now a part), was singing with the youth choir – one of those favorite songs of mine that I mentioned above;  I Will Follow by Chris Tomlin.  If you are familiar with the song – it starts out very strongly with “Where You go, I’ll go” – ah yes.  My territory.  The words that I love so dearly.  But even though, I’ve sung this song hundreds of times, I’ve never focused on the next phrase…”where You stay, I’ll stay”.  Uh oh.  Wait.  I had to stop.  How many times had I sung those words and apparently never really thought about them?  Oh friends, the Lord moved in my heart in huge ways that morning.

Where He stays…I’ll stay.  That’s the promise I’m making in those words of that song.  He has us staying here.  While I’ve been ever grateful, I haven’t quite been ready to “put down roots” so to speak.  I haven’t wanted to truly invest in relationships…I mean – I needed to be ready to go whenever He said to – right?!?  Right.  That is still true – we always (each of us) need to be ready and willing for anything He leads us to.

However, when He has somewhere…when He has led us to a place…and then tells us to stop and stay put…

We are aboslutely called to be fully present.  Totally there.  To be all in.  To stay.

And that means not wasting the time that He has us there – if it’s for one year or fifty – each are equally vital to His kingdom work.  Time looking to the past or wondering about the future…that’s not being a good steward of the time He has given. So how can we be fully present in the moments and in the place to which we are called?  I think it comes in the answer of counting gifts.  Pausing to look for His grace and taking the time to name each one.  That type of living helps us to live continually aware of His presence.  When we don’t miss a gift, then we won’t miss the opportunities.  Those tiny moments that can have eternal value? Those are the ones we miss if we’re too busy looking behind us or straining to see what’s ahead.

Where does the Lord have you right now?  Where has He asked you to stay?  Are you happy about it?  A little less than thrilled?  Is it the place you’ve always dreamed or does it look quite the opposite?  I’d love to hear from you and where He’s called you to stay!

For His Glory,


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4 Responses to I’ll Stay

  1. Ruth Mahoney says:

    Girl, I could have written this a few months back. I feel the exact same way about those same songs but staying, now that is harder. But I am learning to be content in Him wherever he has me go. Right now he has me staying in Toledo Ohio where I grew up to be with my family. I am saying a long goodbye to my dad right now bc he is almost home. Though I miss my family terribly. My dad has suffered a long time but he has fought a good fight. Of course it is hard but it is beautiful too to see my family altogether & to share such precious moments together. And I know it is all about Him and how we can bring glory & honor to Him during this time. Will you pray that for me & my family? Love you friend and I love your blog posts.

    • Nickolee says:

      Ruth!! absolutely!! I can imagine how beautiful and sad it is all at the same glorious time! Beyond thankful for your dad’s salvation and these moments that yall are sharing together. I love you!!!

  2. bemissions says:

    Ooo! I like the idea of the “time steward”. You are so right, the thankfulness brings about the clear and present moment…tried and proven! ~Erin

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