If Only {Day 31: Only}

If only I could drive.
If only I could be in college.If only I could go overseas.
If only I could meet “the one”.
If only we could travel like ‘they’ do.
If only I had no student loans.
If only we came from money.
If only I had that job.
If only we could have children.
If only I could speak, sing, write, draw, paint, or teach like her/him.

If only.

my mind is so often consumed with the completely wrong thing.  completely wrong.  As in – so far from the abundant filled life thoughts that the Lord Himself came to earth to make possible for me. I wish and I hope and I pray and I run hard & fast (obviously figuratively not literally because anyone who knows me know that me + run = hilarious images) towards things that will NEVER be enough.  Things/Ideas/People that can never fill what I want them to fill.  What happens after one of those “I only”s?  What then?  Just move on to the next one?

What if instead of “if only” my mind was transformed to literally thinking of “the Only One”? What then?  What next?  There wouldn’t be. If I woke up still on this earth – then there would never be a “moving on” to the next thing.  He is the Only One.  He would be enough.  He would guide each choice.  His thoughts would lead mine.  His desires would be what I longed for and His good works that He has already prepared for me would be clear.

Oh, if only.

This is Day 31 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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