honestly_!_You can’t turn on a Christian radio station without hearing Francesca’s powerful voice coming through your speakers.  She’s been a long time favorite of mine and this little song right here has become an all time hit for my oldest.  About a month ago, If We’re Honest came belting through my van and I was stunned by the way the Truth in the lyrics captured my heart.

…there’s a freedom found when we lay our secrets down at the cross…
bring your brokenness and I’ll bring mine because love can heal what hurt divides and mercy is waiting on the other side…

YES!  YES! YES!  You are loved.  Just as you are. All the broken crazy.  All of the mess.  It’s inside all of us and friend, I’m here to tell you that there is freedom when you give it over to Him.  When you lay it all down and stop carrying it, covering it up, and putting up another wall of lies.

When did it become normal when asked a question about how we are doing to answer with…”honestly?” or “to tell you the truth…” or “can I be honest?”?? Why isn’t honesty the only option?  Why isn’t being real with one another our only viable relationship option?

I know the answer.  I know that we live in a fallen and incredibly broken world.  But the Enemy wants us to believe that we can not rise above it.  He wants you to live your life with a constant replay of your deepest darkest secrets scrolling through you mind, heart, and soul. Even if your honest isn’t so scandalous on paper – the devil still seeks to destroy you – to tell you that you’re not good enough or maybe even feeding you the lie that you ARE good enough – that this whole Grace for sinners doesn’t even need to apply to you…not with your long list of accolades.  The devil is letting you believe that if you just keeping running around fast enough, helping everyone, finishing the to do list, being on the committee, getting a promotion, and still having an incredibly spotless house that it’s really okay that you never stopped to feed your soul.

Oh sweet friend, it’s okay.  Let’s just agree to stop today.  To call the Enemy what he is.  A liar.  And that is honest.  That is the TRUTH that we find in the incredible, all consuming, forgiving arms of Jesus Christ. His Truth is the only Truth.  There is no deviation.  We are not and never will be enough – but He isOur sins and secrets are washed by His blood alone.  Yes, there will still be consequences to live through BUT. we. are. washed. clean.

Being honest with one another is how we glorify Him.  It’s how we share the wondrous works of His redeeming grace. It’s how we fight back…and when we don’t feel like fighting, we won’t be alone.  Honesty forms community…it enables us to link arms with one another and fight the Enemy through intercession. What the Enemy means for our destruction – God redeems for His glory.

So, let’s do it.  Okay?  Can we be honest? Let’s all bring our brokenness, lay it down at the cross, and claim the victory that He has won. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Would love for you to use this space in the comment section to share the areas that you need victory over or the places you’ve seen Him claim the victory for you already.

For His Glory,


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