Heartfelt Thanks {Day 11: Thanks}

if you are seeking to be thankful, you’ll never cease to find things for which to be thankful – quote…by me – ha!

it’s just something that I’ve found to be true.  I’ve written on thankfulness a lot in the past – especially while reading Ann Voscamp’s book – One Thousand Gifts

and well, she just speaks truth with her words.  there is always something to be thankful for…He is the giver of each and every good and perfect gift – which includes gifts that are used to perfect us…which don’t necessarily feel “good and perfect” in our opinion.

Worship springs from gratitude.  Have you ever started giving thanks for things in your life?  Once you start, you can’t stop – and if you do it’s because you stop focusing on what you’re thankful for and start focusing on Who has given it all to you.

The gift of our personal relationship with Christ.  How can we not give thanks? How can it not lead us to worship?

One of my favorite “habits” is to be intentional in thanksgiving. Slowing down and remembering to verbally tell Him thank you for the small details.  While in all honesty, I started doing it as a way for Ryleigh & Lyllian to be aware & to be thankful…it has changed my personal walk so much.

Heartfelt thanks for living in a world of color vs gray scale…I mean hey how would we have known the difference?

Heartfelt thanks for the beauty of relationships.

Heartfelt thanks for the mysteries that we won’t understand this side of heaven.

Heartfelt thanks for His plans – each and every day.  Even in those ugly beautiful moments.

This is Day 11 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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