Fervent ~ a book review

This was my first encounter with Priscilla Shirer, daughter of Dr Tony Evans.  At least, I thought it was, turns out she’s the leading role in the recently released movie, War Room, and I had seen it (and loved it).  I was rather excited to be reading a book on prayer and I was praying that it would deepen my relationship with the Lord by strengthening my prayer life.

Priscilla doesn’t mince words.  She tells you right off that “This means war” and to be prepared for the book to not look pretty when you are finished reading it.  She desires that “{there will be} unmistakable signs that you’ve (the reader) been here and been involved here, invested here.”  I was hooked from the first page.

The book’s chapters are split into categories based on the areas she believes we need to have focused prayer strategies in to protect them (ourselves) from the Enemy.  It’s perfect in a “stepping on your toes” and being completely vulnerable in front of the Lord type of way.  It was exactly what I needed.

My favorite part of each section is how she calls you to act on what you’ve read.  She tells you to form a prayer strategy (and even provides perforated cards in the back of the book to do so) for the specific area of your life and tells you to start praying.  She lists verses that relate specifically to that area for you to incorporate into your prayers.

Overall, it is now one of my favorites and will be one I turn to reread often.  She never promises if the reader will do what she does then life will be grand.  Rather, she just teaches the Word and steers you to go deeper into it.  She promises it will work not because she says so or because we wrote down our prayers…but only because it’s PRAYER.  And prayer, my friends, works because we serve the only true and living God.

So, if you haven’t checked out Fervent yet, then you should!  For His Glory,

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