my favorite guy {Day 29: date}

our very first date was with a group – and he got caught up at work so I rode with our friends and we all met at the movie theater.  It was to see Mission Impossible III and all I really remember is how incredibly sweet he was the entire time – how being with him seemed comfortable in all the right ways and yet still gave me butterflies every time he glanced my direction.  It was only after the movie, when everyone was trying to decide what to do that he came clean and said that he was sick.  He didn’t want to back out of our first date – so he came even though he felt terrible.

I still have my journal entry from that night.  Sentences and doodles about a guy who wanted to get to know me so much that he would do it even when he felt miserable.

We only had about 2 1/2 weeks to see one another before I left college for Christmas break.  We parted ways saying we’d see each other at the beginning of the next semester.  That was the plan for about 2 days…until he showed up in Meridian…on a Sunday – which meant walking into a church full of people that were essentially my second family.  It was our Christmas production that evening and my mom was one of the narrators.  He took me to dinner afterwards at Red Lobster (which still strikes me as funny because we hardly EVER eat there anymore).

Even with the sickness on our first date, I don’t remember a bad date with this guy.  We’ve done all types – dinner & a movie, hikes, riding horses on the beach, card games, ballroom dancing lessons, youth events, mini golf, and bowling…and I still look forward to any chance I get to go on a date with him still – 12 years later.

This is Day 29 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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