Broken Beautiful

what does it mean to be a

“good wife”?

“good mother”?

 “good Christian”?


is there even such a person?


days are often filled not with feelings of success but of


of lacking,

of not being good enough…

these are lies from the enemy – desperately trying to attack & destroy

i wonder about His faithfulness sometimes

not whether it will be

but why does it continue

i am…





I am a treasure in the eyes of Christ.

He makes me beautiful.

He makes my lacking attempts perfection through His strength

He has taken my fear & my shame and completely drenched them in His grace

I will never be good enough but


I love how a song can take us back to a place or an event…how it can bring up a memory in more detail than we ever thought possible.  I also love how you can hear a song and believe it was written just for you – inside that very moment.  That’s how I feel about every song that Ellie Holcomb has written – her lyrics and music are so very refreshing to my soul…I’ve linked to several of her songs in my blogs before – check out here, here, or here.  But for today – definitely listen to the one below.



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