for the days when you just want to go back to…

you know those days?

the ones before all of the things that are happening now were even on your radar?

the days where words like

depression…cancer…laid off…infertility…death…divorce…pediatric specialists…domestic abuse…rape…

they were all a part of someone else’s vocabulary, someone else’s life…

until He wrote them into your story

…and now here we are – in the present day where ugly words exist in what we thought was to be a beautiful life…

on those days it’s a struggle to see the beauty.  and that’s just when those words that almost anyone would agree were ugly become part of our lives.  what about the days when other things make us struggle to see the beauty – things that we don’t want to say out loud for fear of others thinking we’re ungrateful?

how many times have we wanted to go back to…

another time, another place, another job, a previous decision,

simply before this

but here’s the bottom line…He is here now. in this moment, in those tears, in each circumstance…He is here working it together for His glory.

everything that is falling apart – He can put it together more beautifully than it was before

but we must stop wishing for the past.  we must stop wanting things to go back

He is the Author, the Creator, and the Finisher.  He is the Grace and Hope that cradles us in the in-between.

so friends, when those days come – cry & scream if you want but then don’t look back – look forward – because, oh Beloved, what He is working in us and through us is more than we can imagine.

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child of the One True God, wife to the love of my life, mom of 2 gorgeous gals, and humbled to walk daily in His incredible grace
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