Silenced Voices {Day 5: Silence}


and then…nothing.

Silence meant no one was talking.  There were no sounds.  Even breathing seems muted.

For me that’s still not silence.  Silence happens when the voices in my head stop too…and that, that takes a much more powerful force than simply closing my mouth.

There is the voice of doubt, of self deprecation, of worry, of anxiety, of curiosity, of seeking approval…the voice of the past, of ideas of the future, of planning, of fear, of wonder, and the list could go on and on and on…

these voices are rarely silent.  Silence is hard.  But when my mind is steadfast.  focused. holding steady.  silenced. Then there is perfect peace.  And peace?  That Peace?  His Peace?


It is indeed a silencer.  His Peace tames the voices and makes them catch their tongue.  His Peace, His Steadfastness overrules each and every shout, whisper, or mummer that they try to utter.

And that Peace?  That Silence?  It exists even when the world around me is anything but silent.

This is Day 5 of Write 31 Days Challenge

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child of the One True God, wife to the love of my life, mom of 2 gorgeous gals, and humbled to walk daily in His incredible grace
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One Response to Silenced Voices {Day 5: Silence}

  1. Somer says:

    I agree that the loudest voices of unrest often time scream inside our own heads. Make us prisoners of our own cacophony. The silence within you speak of is what we most want. And it’s available like you said with A mind that sets its focus on Jesus. I need this reminder all of the time.

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