Clothe Yourself {Day 3: Wardrobe}

I don’t remember where I got it…but it rests on my baobab jewelry holder from Madagascar, right outside my closet door.  The verse is a reminder that no matter what else I put on – above it all, I should clothe myself in Love.

So much easier said than done right?  How much time do I spend thinking about the weather, what shoes match what, what will be the most comfortable, and which earrings will look the best?  Have I spent even a fraction of that time meditating on clothing myself in Love?  Isn’t that what the world will notice first?  Doesn’t Love cancel out anything that may not fit quite right or be slightly mismatched?  Where is my focus if not on Him?

And if I have clothed myself in Love, there is still more to put on.  The breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the belt of Truth, and so on and so forth.  Oh the ways He has called for me to clothe myself.  And yet, when I lay out my clothes the night before – that’s honestly just not what is on my mind.

However, I do think about it when choosing things for my girls.  I pray that their life will never be consumed by materialistic items.  That they will always choose to clothe themselves in Him above all else.

And even then, I smirk.  How are they watching me clothe myself?

This is Day 3 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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