Christian Coffee {Day 4:Brew}

I love the smell of coffee.  Especially a good flavored one – hints of vanilla or caramel mixed with the scent of coffee.  Yum.  Absolutely delicious.  Well as far as smells go.  When it comes to actually drinking the coffee…well, I’m just not the biggest fan.  On occasion, you might catch me with a cup but I’m usually more of a milk & sugar with a splash of coffee kind of gal…or a hot chocolate. I could drink a good hot chocolate any day of the week.

I do think all the coffee memes are cute though – or the cups/shirts/bags/etc that say things like “I need coffee and a whole lot of Jesus”, they are cute and I want to buy them for all my coffee addict friends.  I really like sitting in coffee shops.  I like the music, the overstuffed chairs, the hanging out atmosphere, reading a great book or spending some time journaling with the aroma of coffee in the background…But my relationship with coffee stops there.  I just can’t commit to the actual partaking of it.  And those folks who drink the stuff black?  Craziness.  I just can’t even wrap my head around it.

Seems eerily similar to how my walk with Christ is on some days…I can share the funny memes on FB, post flowery Scripture on my IG account, sign up for a Bible study, fill my closet with Christian tshirts & fair trade jewelry, and stick my sweet little Compassion photo on my fridge…and still not actually partake.  I can do all of that and not drink of the daily filling of His Spirit.  I can choose to not feast on His Living Word.

Some of you can’t believe that I can live without coffee…praying that I have an even greater disbelief when I attempt to go through a day without Him being my focus…my centre…my All.

This is Day 4 of the Write 31 Days Challenge

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4 Responses to Christian Coffee {Day 4:Brew}

  1. Lhi Lhi says:

    Especially enjoyed this one while sitting here getting my pedicure! Just need a good cup of hot chocolate or a cup of sugar & French vanilla creamer with a splash of coffee😊

  2. I’m a fan of coffee shops too, especially those with quiet patios. I linked up next to you and wanted to say “hi”; great writing!

  3. Nickolee Lauren Tedder Roberts – are you kidding me?!? We need to work on that coffee addiction because a good cup of coffee in the AM is almost as good as a daily dose of Jesus in the AM! Love you girl!

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