the faith of a child & obedience as an adult

the faith of a child &obedience as an adult

Back at the end of 2014 I wrote about the word that I believe God has given me to focus on for 2015.  Obedience. 

Sometimes, especially for a recovering good girl, obedience is the easiest choice.  It’s the one that will make the least people upset, create the smallest amount of conflict, and will overall allow me to feel the best about myself.

However, when God calls us to obedience, it’s radical.  More often that not, it’s going to go against all cultural norms…it’s going to make us stick out and usually not in a flattering way.  The obedience He calls us to can look completely different from what we had always thought would happen. Obedience to Him requires child like faith.

I grew up with that phrase and knowing that children were important to the Lord – that He always made time for them and didn’t turn them away.  As a child and even as a teenager, I loved it because I fit into the category because I was young.  But now…I’m not.

What is it exactly about child like faith?  Lately, I think God’s been teaching me that it’s mostly because ( even with the endless “whys?” stage of childhood ) kids  trust unwaveringly.  They don’t want all the details or question that you as their parents have their best interest at heart. So, they follow, they obey (most of the time), and they believe that you’re going to take care of them.

Obedience for an adult gets trickier.  We have more questions – we don’t want to just know “why”, we also want the “who, what, when, & where”.  We spend time thinking about logistics & probability when He’s already taken care of all of it.

I always think about a trust fall.  Have you ever done one?  You won’t find me lining up to participate, that’s for sure.  I think about everything that could possibly go wrong from paralysis all the way to just one person wondering how much I weigh.  A child though?  A child would see the fun, the adventure, and even more than that??  A child would completely trust that they would be caught.  A child’s faith isn’t tainted by thoughts of people not following through on their promises or a fear of being injured.  A child’s faith is pure.

As an adult things are different.  We can remember.  We can reflect.  We can see the choices that are ours.  We can abide or choose not to.  We can walk humbly or pridefully.  We can cling to or turn away.  We can choose to live our lives believing the promises He has made or we can act as if He hasn’t promised us anything.

As an adult, we can also start to grasp the passionate way in which we have been pursued & continue to be pursued by the Love of our life.  In a world that is no longer filled with fairy tales and happily ever afters…we can begin to fathom just how Great & Good & Perfect our Father is. 

And, I believe, that as an adult we too can access that child like faith.  That pure, selfless, wide-eyed wonder that we knew as a child.  He allows us to partake of it again because we need to (Matthew 18).  We need it to obey in this world that we can feel blindfolded in.  We need it for those seasons where we have no idea what the next step is or even what it should look like.  We need it to trust unwaveringly when in fact trusting God could be the hardest thing we’re facing at the moment.  We need it to remind us of how small we are and yet how enormously He cares for us.  O Lord, continue to deepen my faith through the lessons & struggles of an adult but with the unwaveringly steadfastness of a child.

Help me obey as an adult, through the faith of a child.

How about you? Have you made the most important decision to become a disciple of Jesus Christ? Are you struggling to obey something you know the Lord has commanded you to do? Have you just come through a journey of where obedience was the hard choice but now you are seeing the benefits?  I’d love for you to share!

For His Glory,

*this post was originally posted on April 15, 2015

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