Book Review ~ The Big Picture Interactive Devotional

IMG_5255The Big Picture Interactive Devotional caught my attention immediately.  It’s in the line of “The Gospel Project for Kids” whose tagline is Connecting Christ Throughout God’s Story.  We already own The Big Picture Interactive Bible for Kids and our 5 year old loves it (and so do her parents!)  My favorite part about this entire line of books & Bibles is that they show the reader the connection of Jesus all throughout the Old Testament too.  As a parent and as a believer, I love seeing the big picture of God’s love for us!!

IMG_5246The devotional is set up for 52 weeks.  It was easy to divide up the 4 pages of each week into something we could do each night for 5-10 minutes.  However, your family could do it all in one night (if you had about 20-30 minutes).  You begin with a Bible story, and then there’s the “Hear It!” section.  A picture that “comes to life” through a simple (& free) app you download to your device.  A voice tells you the story (not the same exact wording as what you just read) and the child gets to see the picture pop up (think 3D imaging).  Both of my girls (5 & 2) think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.  They want to “watch the Bible story” all the time!

IMG_5256The “Read It!” section is next.  You are given 1 to 2 passages to read as a family out of a Bible to reiterate that the “story” is in fact true and from God’s word (LOVE that they make this a part of it!!).  The “WATCH IT!” section creates another space that links your device to a 3-5 minute animated Bible video of the given story.  “Christ Connection” talks about how the story is a part of God’s bigger plan.


“Live Big” has a paragraph to promote discussion of how your family can act on the challenge that God has issued through the story.  “Big Picture Questions” gives 2-3 questions to help you dig deeper and talk through the applications of the story you are studying.  And then the week closes out with a “Dear God” which is a short prayer that you & your child can pray with an emphasis on the lesson learned.

IMG_5253I do love being in a book review group, flipping through one of the many children’s devotional books at a book store often leaves you still wondering if it’s the right “fit” for your family…and I’m happy to tell you that I believe this one knocks it out of the park.       IMG_5254

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