Bible Review – Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible

In case you haven’t heard, Bible journaling is the new “thing”.  It might not be brand new to some, who have been creating artwork with Scripture for a while – but it’s now definitely big enough to be considered a Christian trend.

I was excited to receive this for a review because while I am not an artist, I was looking forward to seeing what the “fuss” was all about.IMG_8162

It’s a beautiful Bible – HCSB version – and all throughout the Bible there are light grey illustrations done in the margins so that the owner can add color to the designs.  There are scriptures designs, pictures, and filigree doodles that are very well done.  I loved these personally, because while I can’t draw or write well – I do know how to color!

If you are more of the creative type, don’t think this isn’t the Bible for you (or gift for someone who is a fabulous doodler) because along with the 600 illustrations throughout, there is also plenty of open margin space for him/her to create their own personalized masterpieces of Scriptures that have stood out to him/her.IMG_8163

As a writer/note taker, I also like that there are lined margins throughout the pages as well.  A quick google search will lead you towards the right coloring & note taking pencils/pens so that you won’t find ink/color bleeding through the pages.


If you are a beginner in Bible journaling, or you have been doing it for a while, I think you would enjoy this new Bible from Holman Publishing!



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