All I want for Christmas


Our youngest heard the song “All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth” – and well…she’s hooked.  She thinks that it’s the funniest song and that it’s even more hilarious to wish for her two front teeth.

Add on top of that, that she happens to have just turned three and is still SEVERAL years away from losing any teeth (hopefully!) it is pretty funny to hear her sing it.  Since Ryleigh has recently lost her first tooth – if you bring up teeth into any conversation, Lyllian is quick to tell you that ALL of her teeth are loose and that one is absolutely falling out soon.

I’ve tried explaining to Lyllian that her teeth are in fact not loose and that it’s pretty pointless to wish for something that she already has.  But she’s three and that conversation is basically pretty pointless as well.  Sigh.

But then again – it’s not entirely pointless – especially when He uses it to remind me of what I need to hear.  How much time do I put towards wishing…praying for certain things that I already have access to?  Asking Him for power to overcome a temptation, armor to protect myself from Satan’s attacks, wisdom through His Spirit…from His word?  Yet, it’s all things I already have.  I possess each of these because of His life.  His sacrifice.  His death.  His glorious Resurrection.  His eternal reign.  I have them.  YOU have them.  As His children, He’s given us each and everything we need.  All of the mysteries are hidden in Him and we have access to Him.

These are not things that we have to write on a list and wonder which one we should ask for first.  I don’t have to pray, sit, wait, and wonder.  All He asks us to do is walk with Him.  Seek Him.  He has given us HIS SPIRIT.  The Spirit that raises the dead, gives sight to the blind, multiplies food, stops storms, heals bodies, and will SPEAK on our behalf.

It makes me look like the silly one and not my three year old…doesn’t it?  Oh how I desire to walk in this Truth.  To live as I say I believe.  To weld the Sword He has given me to destroy the lies I so easily try to stand upon.

What do I want for Christmas this year?  That’s easy.

I want to realize the depth of what I already have been given.

For His Glory,

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