about Grace

Oh friends – welcome!

Take a deep breath…exhale…rest.

Come you who are weary says the Lord.  He provides rest.  In Him you will find gifts that no one deserves.

If you do not know Grace personified, let me introduce you to Him.

His name is Jesus Christ, He is the LIVING Son of the One True God.  God, the Creator of the universe, desires to walk daily with you – yes you!  He desires for His name to be glorified among the nations and He invites us (each of us!) to be a part!

The initiation of this relationship is by understanding that we are each sinners (Romans 6:23) and that we deserve death.  Thankfully, what could be the obvious end of a new relationship is indeed just the beginning because of the sacrifice God gave in the crucifixion of His Son.  Believing that Jesus Christ, the only perfect one to ever walk the earth, died in order to be the blood sacrifice for me & you – allows you to enter into an eternal family with God the Father.  Confessing this to the Lord and committing your life to walk daily with Him is only the beginning.  What a journey we walk when we walk with the Lord!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions – I’d love to share with you about His GRACE!

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