31 Women of the Bible – Book Review

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the characters we read about in the Bible are more than the animated versions we see in a Sunday School poster.  If you’re like me, you might be guilty of forgetting that they were real life people.  I have a friend that calls them Bible Biographies instead of Bible stories just so that her children know there’s a difference…and it serves as a reminder to her as well!

This book does a beautiful job of reminding you of the human-ness of each of these 31 ladies of the Bible.  As you review their stories that you may have heard hundreds of times, don’t be surprised when you start seeing bits of your story in theirs too.  These were ordinary women who the Lord used in extraordinary ways to tell His story across generations.

The author tells the story of each woman and then leads you into a “takeaway” – how you can apply what you’ve learned to your life today.  Then the section closes with a few questions to meditate on throughout the day or to discuss with an accountability partner or small group!

If you’re interested in this book – you can purchase one here!

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