Her Favorite Place – 5 Minute Friday Post – {Day 21: Park}

It’s always been my oldest’s favorite place.

She hasn’t been too picky – when it consisted of poorly made metal pieces that perhaps would have been illegal to play on in America & that were definitely too hot to play on 7 months out of the year – she still loved to go there.  The children, the bikes, the goats, and the swings – she asked to go often and we would go…almost always with a stop at the ice cream shop b/c what we lacked for in parks – we totally made up for in ice cream.  We just happened to have the best on the island.

She couldn’t believe it the first time she saw one in South Africa.  Green grass growing underneath, the items were painted bright colors and the things to play on didn’t look like she might fall to her death at any given moment.  Many, many hours were spent at parks & playgrounds – and her shrills of delight never diminished.

And then came America…I’ll never forget driving down the road and her shouting out the window to stop at the park – “momma!! let’s go play there!!” – and finally figuring out she had seen a play-set in someone’s BACKYARD.  She truly could not comprehend at the time how people were able to have parks in their own backyard that were just for their family to play on + whomever they had invited.

Then there’s today.  A playground set in our back yard and we know the ins and outs of every nearby park/playground around.  It’s still a favorite no matter the season but I did hear her pray, “And God, please make the sun not as hot so that we can play in our jackets and not burn ourselves”  – Yep.  That about sums it up.

This is Day 21 of Write 31 Days Challenge.

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The Weekend {Day 20: Weekend}

It’s here and then it’s gone.

Planned out – roadtrip adventures
Staying home – sleeping late – big breakfasts

either way, these days that serve as book ends for our week – although somewhat sturdy and seemingly dependable – they just seem to pass faster than any other set of 48 hours.

we tend to focus on those days – Friday nights, Saturday, & Sunday

and although the week gets the short end of the stick expectation wise – that’s really when we live it out – isn’t it?

it’s in the hustle and bustle – the workplace & the home – the grocery store & the soccer field that the Gospel is taking place.

the people He has us encounter the most are usually during the week – significant?  I’m guessing probably.

perhaps, more credence should be given to the days between the bookends.  what if incredibly important moments lie there just as much as the time we hold in such high regard?

isn’t each day a gift?  yes.  we aren’t promised tomorrow.  it’s easy to be distracted by the weekend.  flashy and alluring.  pjs & messy bun.  worship with your church body & Sunday naps. no one else setting your schedule.

but.  BUT. how often is He moving and giving opportunities on those seemingly mundane and “just got to make it till Friday” days?  Oh.  I don’t want to miss it b/c my focus is in the wrong place – do you?

This is Day 20 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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Don’t Not Notice {Day 19: Notice}

the way she always she squinches up her nose when she thinks she’s being funny

how she seems to walk everywhere on her tiptoes

when she makes up songs about loving God and uses every Sunday School & church reference in the song even when they completely don’t make sense

that she still asks us to lay down with her

the pride on her face when she finishes reading a book

the joy in her eyes when she sees you after only being gone for a couple of hours

the honesty in her voice when she tells me I’m the best momma in the whole wide world

how 10 seconds can barely go by without one of them moving…or saying something

when they make up dance routines to songs that they have also created

their genuine excitement and passion for every day life

the earnest pleas in her prayers

how she absolutely has to eat with a Minnie Mouse spoon…every. single. meal.

when she started packing her own lunch for kindergarten

I don’t want to ever not notice the things those gals do – each with their own personality and their own quirks but everything worth appreciating…worth giving thanks to Him over…completely worth noticing.

This is Day 19 of the Write 31 Day Challenge

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Love of a Neighbor {Day 18: Neighbor}

You’ve probably heard the story.  The one that seems to have such an obvious conclusion.  Jesus shares about the man who is badly beaten and left for dead on the side of the road.  All of the religious “good” people, pass him by and make sure to steer clear of him…until the one man whose cultural background should have made him leap to the other side of the road…he’s the one who stopped.  Not just stopped, but showed compassion, acted out of generosity and love…truly went above and beyond.

Then Jesus says, “so who was the neighbor?”  And you have to chuckle right?  Of course.   Of course it’s the good Samaritan.  There’s no one else it could be.

But I have to wonder if the “expert of the law” chuckled.  I’m guessing not.  Even though the answer was obvious to him as well…the neighbor was the one who showed mercy.  The command from Christ to “go and do likewise” was probably harder to swallow than we give credit.

How about us?  Are we showing mercy to all that He puts in our path?  Do we shield our eyes and switch lanes to the other side of the road when we see someone in desperate need of a neighbor who can share the love of Christ?  Asking for wisdom to indeed be the neighbor He has called me – us – to be today.

This is Day 18 of the Write 31 Days Challenge.


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